Too Hot!

I started overheating again during our warm up this morning. It’s not particularly hot or humid, so I don’t know what’s going on.

Similar stuff to yesterday’s. We started off with some rolling, Raymond and I again. I was taking it easy, working my guard and experimenting with the scissor sweep (and got passed, again). 3 minutes of sparring, 3 times…which didn’t help my overheating at all. The last round I wanted to push hard, so I upped my intensity some, passed to side control, went for the mount but he pushed off. And it was odd, because I immediately switched to north-south, and choked him with the collar choke we learned last week. And afterwards I was thinking to myself that it was instinctual, I didn’t THINK about doing it until I was 3/4 of the way done with it. A sign of progress?

We then drilled some variations on the head pushing defense from open guard. A few days ago, I said that I wasn’t into labels. I thought about it some more, and maybe I am. I need to have names for moves. Some moves have names already, others, I’m just going to start making up for my own benefit from now on. So, this is the Head Push Defense. Damian noticed me attempting to use it in one of my rolls with Raymond, it didn’t work, but I tried it out.

After class I rolled with Derrick a couple of times. We went light, I pulled guard, and broke a lot of grips, squaring up and keeping him close to me. He finally opened me up, and started passing, and I Head Pushed again, this time getting it to work. He started to pass again, and I tried it again, and this time he succeeded. Damian saw it, stopped us, rewound and explained where I went wrong, Derrick and I started again, and it went just about the same. He got to half guard, and passed using the escrima pass, and had my arm trapped. I relaxed and waited for him to do something with it. He took his time, and kimura’d me, never giving me an opportunity to escape. Afterward he complimented me on my patience and how I’m doing better and lasting longer than the last time we rolled. Another sign of progress?!