Tim the Comedian

Things started off last night with a significant amount of humor. During our warmups, I did my semi-usual “throat slitting” motion while looking at Tim. He laughed and said that he’d love to let me have a go at him, but he had to take off early tonight. Then made a comment to the effect of “And you know, tonight was probably going to be the night where you actually beat me. Make sure you write about it in your blog!”

Which kicked off a lot of discussion about it while we were stretching. So, fellow classmates, if you’ve found your way here, welcome.

Class last night was pretty heavy on white belts, so the first lesson of the day was about the kimura from side control, and I got to be the demonstration dummy. Weave the underhook, do a step to north-south, pinch your knees together as you either chain or punch your hand through. Get the grip, pull up, back and then down to finish. Renalto, Kieth and I ran through it. Good practice.

The second part of class was the simple and push sweeps. Basic stuff, but still things that are essential and always can use some work.

Rolled for a few minutes after class with Dave. My knee was bothering me a bit, so I didn’t feel up for more hook/sickle/other standing sweeps.

Paleo is going great…only a few days left at 100%. Hit -11 pounds for the month so far today too.