The Pain Train

Uff. What a night we had. Brady warmed us up, and then it was Circle of Death time. One round of only ab exercises, one round of general conditioning.

…and then Damian had us drill double legs for 12 minutes.

…and then we did ten 1 minute live take down rounds with a 30 second break. I was partnered with Ron. He got the better of me most of the time, but I did get in a few. In any case, it was exhausting.

So what did we do next? Roll. Ron, Will, and I. We did a reverse ladder style. Start in guard, and work to improve your position. If you do, switch guys, and start in a WORSE position. IE, if you sweep from guard, then you start under side control. And if you escape that, then you start mounted. I had a good run where I d’arce choked Ron from side control top, swept Will, then got back to guard under Ron’s side control, and Will’s mount. All I had to do to “win” was escape Ron’s back control. But I didn’t.

To round out the evening, we did one round of just regular rolling. I had Will. We had a good back and forth for a bit, and then I got an overwrap on his arm. He defended the choke, but I switched to a triangle. He defended well, I couldn’t finish it. The buzzer rang as I was trying the new technique Damian showed us a couple of weeks ago.