Taking it Easy

My back was still a little tender this morning, but I still wanted to go to class. I decided to go and just take it easy.

Small group, only 8 today. All higher ranked than me, except for Ron. It was a little odd standing so low in the line up again. Ron and I partnered up, we’re a good fit for each other. 8 minutes of flow training to finish the warm up, got the blood pumping but still fit within my “easy” criteria. Once I got loosened and warmed up, so pain or tightness at all. It’s odd.

We did the same armlock/triangle/omaplata sequence we’ve been doing all week. We both just took it easy, working the techniques but not hurrying or anything. After class we drilled it a few more times and played around with some other situations that came up in our flow drill. We sat and chatted and stretched a little bit, cooling down, then joined Damian and some other guys. Chatted with them for a while about a bunch of things, ranging from tonight’s Ultimate Fighter Finale to old school Vale Tudo matches to how rule set dictate behavior.

When home, stretched some more and iced up. Hope this clears up soon.