Stress Relief

It was one of those Mondays. So, I decided to go to class.

Huge class today. More of the returning-college student syndrome I think. And one blue belt visitor from Denver. Mat space was at a premium tonight.

More of the turtle guard position drilling. But Damian added a combination of our turtle guard drill and the running escape from side control that we did a couple of weeks ago. Nice to have another option to go to. We also did some positions that result from passing the De La Riva that were related. Basically threading the needle to your knees and then pushing into a dead angle.

I was paired up with new-guy-Mike, and on one of the De La Riva passes, he landed heavy on me, and something popped in my chest. Again. Grrrrr. Stupid ribs. I didn’t roll after class, it was pretty tender. Better now, but it still makes me think that my progress or peak potential may be limited by my physicality. :/

I missed W3D3b of the 100 Pushups…so I started over with W3D1b tonight.