Single Dumps

I knew I was going to be in for a challenging night about five minutes into our warm up. I just felt slow and tired. There wasn’t any point in dwelling on it though, there wasn’t anything I would do about it but push on.

Lesson of the day was the single leg dump takedown, into either a pass or kneebar. Tim has gotten me more than once with this kneebar too. I was drilling with Brady, keeping a steady pace.

For rounds we split into groups of 4. Two 5 minute rounds with the same person, with a 10 burpee “active rest” in between. I had Long, then Mesfin. Then Damian put me with Lano and himself. So 20 minutes of fast squirrelly guys, then 10 minutes of bone crushers.

Afterwards, Damian pointed out a basic mistake that I made with him in my elbow escape from mount. Frustrating and embarrassing that I was doing one of the fundamental, day one techniques so incorrectly.