Saturday Sparring

The Saturday classes have been a little light in the past month or two…but not today. Perhaps everyone else is ramping up for the tournament too? Anyways, a full mat today….but no Damian. He must of had something else going on this morning. So, more rolling. 5 minute rounds, 45 second breaks.

I started off very well, pacing myself and executing. First up was Derrick, who got a little sloppy with the s-mount that allowed me to reverse him. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to do much, but it’s still an accomplishment for me to make it 5 minutes vs a blue belt and not get tapped. Sam was next, and we each tapped once. Chuck…well…he’s big, strong, and good, and had me mounted me for 5 minutes with a couple of armlocks, a cross collar choke and an americana thrown in. Tim (in his brand new urban-camo gi) was next, but not before I saw Damian sitting in the observation are, just watching us all. Tim got me a couple of times, which is expected.

Mongoose was next and we went hard, and ended up going 3.5 rounds total. I really made sure to keep underhook while I’m in half guard with him, he really loves to sneak out the side and take my back if I don’t. He still did it atleast once, but at east I know what I’m doing wrong in that situation. He did armlock me hard one time, which tweaked my elbow a little bit. Sore afterward, and even today. Glad that I’m taking it easy on Sunday, and probably not doing Crossfit on Monday. Hopefully it heals up quickly.

UFC 104 last night. I’m really shocked that Machida pulled out that decision. I think Rua got robbed. Velasquez looked like a beast, as usual.