Saturday Games

We kicked off with a (Half) Circle of Death due to the number of people. Split into groups and played from mount. Submit/take the back vs escape. Damian made note that if you have a submission attempt in progress, an escape doesn’t count until that submission attempt fails.
My first round was on top of Cheng. He bumped and rolled to his side and started to escape, and I followed. He left his arm out a bit, so with Damian’s note in mind, I grabbed in right away. He defended, and I snaked my leg through and let him sit up into a triangle. I adjusted my angle and had it as tight as I could. And I squeezed. And squeezed, and even attacked his trapped arm. I gassed, and he popped out. Told me I almost had it. Man, if that wasn’t enough to tap him, then nothing I have would! I gave that triangle 110%. I’m still limping a bit two days later from the muscle strain!
Rest of the day was a blur in comparison. I had Ben, Dennis, Brian, Tim, Meli, Derwin, and others.