Saturday Beatings & 9 Years In

Ugh. It is Sunday now, and boy, do I ache.

Damian split the Saturday class into 2 groups, 2 (3?) stripe whites and up get our normal Saturday training. Fresh whites (and anyone else that wishes to attend) get a drilling class that starts at noon.

I’ve been super busy with work and family stuff, so I haven’t been able to go to class much lately. Broken record, eh?

Anyways, this past week marks 9 years that I’ve been doing jiu jitsu now. Sure doesn’t feel that long though.

Damian broke our “advanced” class up into groups. I think we had 8 in ours, and then we ran the chipper. First point scored wins. And it was brutal. Going hard for a minute or two, then only a short break in line before you’re right back in. I had Wade, Daryl, Nick, Alex, Brock, Richie, and Harris in my group. Tough guys.

It was also Daryl’s last day. He’s moving soon. We’ll miss him. Nice guy and good training partner.