Saturday Beatings

We had a big group on Saturday, with Alex and his gym joining us from Northfield.
I lead the warm up, then it was self-paired rounds. I had Marcos, Tom, Popsicle, Trey, Mick, Nick, and a couple of others.
Popsicle kicked my ass, as usual. Apparently I was looking discouraged, or maybe tired…I was both. He came back with:
“Pain or damage don’t end the world, or despair or fuckin’ beatin’s. The world ends when you’re dead. Until then, you got more punishment in store. Stand it like a man — and give some back.”
Quoting Al Swearengen from the great TV Show “Deadwood”, a shared favorite between us.
And he’s right, so on we went. And he told me to quit leading with my head. He’s right about that too.