Rule 1

Rule One: Be the guy on top.

Assuming a fight starts standing, that means…get the takedown. And class last night was all about getting the takedown…and the pain associated with **not** getting it.

We warmed up with single leg take downs. I drilled with Daryl and then Officer Jason. After 10 minutes or so of that, we got to the meat of the class. Starting with the single leg, if I get the take down, my partner does 2 burpees, and we reset. If my partner escapes or avoids the takedown, I do 2 burpees. 3 minutes on each side. I had Brendan. We were even for the first round.

The second round, the penalty increased to 3 burpees. The third round, it was 5. Everyone was fight and dying. I found a groove and was doing pretty well. Still doing burpees, but not as many as Brendan was.

For rounds, we did something similar. Starting with the single again, we did a 3 minute match. Looser does burpees for the point differential. First round I was ahead 10-3, so Brendan did 7 burpees, and then we started again. We did 6 rounds total.