Rolling Hard

One of the things about jiu-jitsu that separates it from many other martial arts is the tradition and culture of live sparring against a resisting opponent. Many arts are great in theory, but the practitioners never (or rarely) use them at full speed and intensity. Sparring is the proving ground of your skill, and is something that we do every class.

Tonight we worked the same pummeling from half guard. I paired up with the Mongoose. He’s got a tender rib and just wanted to take it easy, and so we did.

After class, Damian declared that there wouldn’t be a fundamentals, so we had an extra long sparring session. I started off with Andrew. We went twice I think, both times with him submitting me. I can’t complain, he gave me PLENTY of chances to finish him. At one point I had his back, and his collar, and then he spun around into my guard, tightening up my grip for me. I don’t know how he managed to get through that. Damian was giving instructions, and I was trying to do them. It provided a learning moment afterward when he pointed out why I wasn’t able to pendulum or elevator sweep him. Our second time he cross collar choked me from within MY guard. I froze up when I could of done any number of things to off balance him and either sweep or get him to release it.

Next up was Ethan. I think we went 4 times total. The first two times were similar to Andrew…I got caught, but had plenty of chances to finish him. In the second, I had him mounted, stopped for half a second to catch my breath and he rolled me. Damian made sure to point that mistake out! The last two times I started pulling the trigger more, and armlocked him both times. I did get the chance to use the half guard pass we drilled this week too!


That’s a lot of sparring for one night, for me at least. My arms were like jello and I was pretty much totally spent at the end. But good stuff in wining and in loosing.