Rollin’ Round The Bend

Tracy (my beautiful wife) decided to come and observe me in class today. Apparently she’s had enough of me telling her about things, and wanted to check it out in person. I joked that they probably had an extra gi laying around…she could join in! No dice.

No class today for her to watch…just hard sparring! 5 minute rounds, 45 second breaks, round robin style. Uffda. I used the “Prison Bitch” strategy. I picked the largest guy to go up against first. Figured I might as well get it out of the way while I was fresh. So it was me and JP. Went about as expected. Joe was next, and I think I did pretty good against him. I did got a sweep off, he escaped my mount, but I saw it in time to switch to s-mount and then to having his back while he was turtled. I went for a clock choke, he grabbed my leg, and Damian stopped us there to tell Joe how bad that was. Apparently he got submitted doing the exact same thing in the last Submission Hunt.

Everyone blends together after this. I did get to “roll” with Damian for the first time. It was good, because he pointed out a couple of my flaws/mistakes right off the bat. I get hung up in open guard alot, I need to keep my hips in and break those grips. Purple belt Mike pointed out a few things when we paired up too.

Hard, sweaty class today. Tracy met Damian and Christine, and seemed to enjoy watching.

UFC 101 tonight. Penn vs Florian should be an pretty good fight.