Remote Training/Miami Open

So, months ago, Judo Alex invites me (and others) to join him in sunny South Florida for some fun in the sun and the IBJJF Miami Open. Why yes, yes I would love to join you and cheerlead!
In the end, it was only three of us, Alex, Rob and I. We had a great time, but focusing on the BJJ end of things….
We did squeeze in one training session before leaving for the tournament, at Vickery BJJ. Small gym, and the three of us were the only colored belts there besides the two black belt instructors.
Lesson of the day were some single leg takedown options off of a blocked shot. They shoot, we sprawl and down-block with our arm/shoulder to prevent them from penetrating. We’re heavy, then we lighten up to allow them to regain posture while we drop our level and take our own shot.
I paired up with a nice white belt and we learned together. Rob and Alex did kind of their own thing off to the side, working some throws they wanted to use.
We did some rounds afterwards, and all three of us got wrecked by the the instructor of the day, Patrick.
As for the tournament itself, we saw a ton of good jiu jitsu. We saw some really bad jiu jitsu. Alex went 0-2 for double silver. Rob went 0-2 for a single bronze. So not a lot of success, but we all enjoyed the day!