Small group last night, only 11 of use braving the cold and snow.
Quick jog, then a throwback drill of punch, cover, clinch, throw, mount and some self defense style techniques.
No technique tonight, just some positional rounds. First game we stared in mount. Guy on top has to maintain, guy on bottom has to escape. 1 minute rounds, loser does burpees. We did that 4x, switched partners, then did it 4 more times. At this point, there’s another hour of class left and I’m thinking about just dropping dead. We switch parteners again and do it 4 more times. Luckily for me, my last group had 3 people, so I got a little break here and there.
We rounded class out with three 10 minute rounds. I had Luke, Jake, and Will. Did okay with Luke, got smashed flat with Jake, and did my best to keep moving with Will.
Rough night all around!