Open Mat Saturday

Apparently the lowish attendance in class this week didn’t continue into the weekend. It was a zoo on Saturday, I counted 30 people at one point.

Ron was there, and it’s been a long time since we’ve trained much together, so we spent three rounds right off the bat. Some goofing around, some hard rolling, some experimentation. We both commented that the other “doesn’t roll like they used to”, or have some new tricks. Guess that’s a function of both of us getting better, and not training together as much as we used to.

I also had some decent rounds with Renato, Blue Belt Tim, and Paul. I felt okay, but wasn’t in the same groove as on Wednesday.

In other fitness news, the weather has FINALLY gotten decent outside. So I went for a run on Sunday. 15 minute jog to warm up, then 8 rounds of 20/10 second tabata sprints, then a 15 minute jog to cool down. I also did a 5 minute cold water soak. Tough Mudder 2014 is 15 weeks away.