Open Mat

I am so glad I’m finally over that stupid cold! Started my Saturday off with 531 squats and adjusted my new jump rope to a proper length. Now to work on those double unders more!

Open mat was going by the time I finished up. Continued warming up with some flow rolling with Greg. We chatted a little bit about cross choking from mount and how he avoids being rolled.

First roll was a light one with Dave. He seemed pretty intent on playing from the bottom the whole time, and I didn’t argue. He was working on some type of butterfly sweep that he got me with a couple of times. Next up was Zack and then Ron. Ron and I had a pretty good back and forth going. He armlocked me once and I got him in a arm triangle.

Serious training for the people going to the Chicago Open starts on Monday. I’m expecting many nights of sparring coming up.