No gi!

I doubled up on classes last night. Thankfully our heat and humidity have broken, so I didn’t die.

Time led the intermediate class. We covered the wrap around lapel choke and it’s variation. Ron and I drilled together. For sparring, we set up a few guys in the middle and rotated everyone else in. Starring in closed guard. Top guy has to pass, bottom guy sweep or submit. Winner stays. I did alright. Passed Rento and another guy. Got passed by Tim and Brady. Go figure.

Advanced class was no gi. Been a year since my last no gi class. Brady led. We warmed up with some wrestling drills, single and high crotch setups. We did two actual techniques of the night was a low single takedown. Drop very low, then shoot out like a snake and grab their heel. Drive in with your shoulder and down they go. The key is dropping quick and getting under their defense. Mongoose and I drilled together.

The second was breaking down the turtle guard. Ideally, getting them onto their side or back, with you in side control.

For rolling, we broke into groups of 3. Starting in turtle. I had Will and Brady. Did well with Will. And did okay with Brady in our rounds too. After a couple of cycles, we broke off and did some regular sparring. I had Will again and Nolan. Did well with Will, getting both an arm triangle off of a back take and a regular triangle. Wasn’t able to finish either however. Nolan took it easy and we had a good roll together too. He got an inverted triangle on me while I was attempting a omaplata sweep. I won’t make the mistake of grabbing his leg like that again! Right at the buzzer I did have a nice armlock/triangle combination going, but again, couldn’t finish.