Monday Night Kumite

We had an unusual class last night.

We warmed up, then drilled the single leg dump for a while. I paired up with Cole, who seemed new.

After a while, Tim picked Brady and Long, and had them do a pick ’em to make two teams. I ended up on Brady’s team, with Gil, Cole, Jimmy, Johnny, and Anna. Tim paired everyone up for a 3 minute match, first take down wins. Loosing team does burpees. My team did a lot of burpees. My match was vs Meli. Things were going well until I tried to duck behind her and she hip tossed me pretty good.

Tim then kicked things up a notch. 3 minute matches, starting standing. I had Wrestler Josh, Meli again and Long. I went the distance with Josh, but lost on points. Both Meli and Long armlocked me.

Our team ended up down in matches something like 17-6. So we got more burpees at the end.