Keeping Up

Uff. My Saturday didn’t start well. My normal gym bag was in my car..which was in the shop. So I had neither my belt nor my mouth guard. I borrowed a belt from Tim, so I had one base covered.

We did our warm up, then Damian assigned the groups. I ended up with 3 young guys, plus Daryl and Tom.

First young guy is going hard, but was mostly controllable. Until an elbow hits me in the mouth and chips on of my teeth. First roll with out my mouthguard in years, and I chip a tooth. Wonderful.

Next round was with Daryl. He’s usually pretty relaxed and technical, and today was no different. Then I had a round off.

Young guy #2 is going hard. I’m standing and he’s sitting up for a single leg, and he’s leaning on my leg. He shifted against my trapped foot and I can feel my knee stretching. Rather than add to my day by blowing out my knee, I allow the take down, and spent the next couple of minutes in side control shaking my leg to make sure it wasn’t hurt.

Young guy #3 is next. And man he was going hard. Didn’t take him long to pass and start working a straight arm lock on me. I twisted out of it, but ended up with him sitting on my head and him still on my arm. He got the lock, but both my arms were trapped and he didn’t hear me yelling tap, so now my elbow is tweaked and strained. Swelled up nicely on Sunday too. Round off to shake it out, get a drink, and reexamine my knee.

Tom is next, and we both commiserated about these young bucks being strong and aggressive. I had another roll with #1 and with Daryl again to finish out the day