Keeping After It

A week away at the cabin…including a couple of runs. Just short ones, but on trails. Who knew that six inch tall grass could provide so much resistance?
I got back in time to go to open mat on Saturday. Lighter attendance that lately. I had a group of 6, and we did 6 minutes in, 3 out. Brie, Bob, Kevin, Andrew, and someone else. Just about the speed of group that I felt like diving into.
Rounds were all good. Notably, Brie kicked my ass when she was on top. And my very last round with Bob was great. I had a kimura from half guard that I rolled over on into a arm bar, that he defended, so I took the back. And it led to a minute of transitioning from one attack to the next, but never quite getting the tap. Afterwards we were both happy with how it went, but spent!