Hard Training = Hard to Beat

There are a million and one inspirational quotes. Here’s one I recently stumbled across:

“If you train hard, you’ll not only be hard, you’ll be hard to beat.” – Herschel Walker

That quote is pure truth. Walker (now 49) trains with Dave Camarillo, and is 2-0 in his new MMA career. He must be a competitor through and through, to play (and excel in) football for as long as he did, retire, and still have that hunger to train, compete and win.

Another night of hard training last night. I arrived early and banged out my 531 squats, finishing just in time to throw on my gi top and hit the mat. A good warm up, then 25 take downs and it was onto the training.

We again split into a light team and a heavy team. Two pair each, start with a take down. Then the top guy has to submit, mount, or take the back. Bottom guy has to regain guard and sweep, standup, or submit.

After a while, we nixed the teams and pretty much everyone went with everyone else. We had an odd number, so everyone got a breather now and then. I felt like I did pretty good, mounting a few different times, took the back once, and stood up once. On defense I did alright too. Pretty sore afterwards, but that’s the price you pay to improve.

We’ve got 12-15 different people heading down to Chicago for the NAGA tournament this weekend. It’ll be interesting to see how we all do.

After class we were changing and chatting, and Shane commented on how much weight I lost and started asking questions about paleo. I answered a few questions and pointed him at Robb Wolf. Spreading the word!