Halloween Open Mat

Rather than have normal classes on Halloween, we did an early open mat. I showed up even earlier, and was happy to find Long there already, stretching. He and Chim are going to the no-gi world championships this weekend in California. So, he was dressed for no-gi. No biggie, I left my gi top off and away we went.

He was moving well. He had a strange roll from De La Riva guard sweep that he got me with several times. He was also a guillotine machine, constantly attacking with it while I moved from open guard to the single leg. My cardio is still lagging, so I was going slower that I probably should have. Long took a break and Brady grabbed me for more no-gi. That went about as well as one would expect, IE, not so well for me.

JR arrived and wanted to do some gi, so I grabbed my top and we went for a while too. He was showing me his newly invented “Jay La Riva” sweep to the back. We fooled around with a bit of this and that, moving but not going particularly hard. It was just about my speed for the night.