Guillotine Escape

We had a small group, only 9, last night. That didn’t stop us from doing the Circle of Death with the fundamentals class (another 20 people). Lots of sweat in the humidity.

Lesson of the day was escaping the guillotine choke. We started standing. Grab the choking hand, drape your other arm on their shoulder, hang to prevent them from hipping in to finish it. Slide to the side, knee tap to take down, and then either escape or Von Flu choke from there. We also did the escape when they have guard. Grip and drape, then tripod up on the crown of your head. Use your gripping arm to open their guard, and then headstand/hop over to side control.

For rounds we split into groups of three. 6 minutes in, 3 out. I had Tim and Brady for 5 rounds each. I felt like I did decently. Went a whole round with Tim without being submitted, which is an accomplishment!