Ground Down

I didn’t run enough this week. Just one day. Scheduling problems and then when I wanted to run, it was pouring rain.
Saturday was a mental disaster. It started okay, but went down hill quick. We had a group of 9, and did 6 minutes in, 3 out. I had Nik Nik, Morgan, Tim, JR, Pat, Angel, and others.
First round was with Nik Nik, and he knee sliced to arm lock over and over, just like usual. I will figure out how to prevent that pass if it kills me.
Next round, I’m mounted and can’t escape. Next round with Tim, he’s got me in some weird 50/50 leg entangle, holding my ankle, but just sitting there. I move one way, then another, then another, and I can’t figure out how to get out. And he’s sitting there. I go to stand, and can’t. Finally I just push on his leg to pull mine out and reset the round.
Next I’m with someone else, and they’ve got me cruifixed, and I’m doing my best to escape. One of my group on the sidelines is trying to coach me through it, which normally would be nice, but today, it just pissed me off. Yeah, I know how to escape from where I am, I just can’t because he’s countering it by armlocking me.
And from there on out I was just in a sour mood about everything. I finished out my rounds, but my heart wasn’t really in it. Just going through the motions and waiting for class to be over.