Fight Night

I quit working on the 100 Pushups program. Every set I did last week resulted in a pounding headache. It only started when I improved my form. Perhaps the extra exertion is causing it. In any case, taking some time off on that project.

I was excited for class tonight. I was feeling pretty healthy and not sore or anything, so I’m as close to 100% as I get.

Warming up was miserable. It wasn’t hot, but the humidity was killing us all. Everyone was dripping wet. And Damian apparently was running late because we warmed up for a looooong time. No class, just tournament style matches tonight. I like watching matches, it’s interesting to anticipate what each guy is doing and watch it unfold.

And, for the first time, I got paired up. Me vs The Mongoose. 5 minutes, and starting from our feet. I noticed earlier in the night that Mike got his second stripe last night, so my hope was that if I submit him, then maybe I’d get mine too. We started. I got a sloppy take down (2 points), but he escaped to my guard. I started working for an armlock, and then swept him (2 points), mounted (4 points), and went for the cross collar choke. I got it, but by right hand wasn’t quite deep enough to finish him, and while I was squeezing, he bucked and escaped (2 points). I held it even in guard to no avail. He ended up passing to side control (2 points), and I heard the beep indicating 30 seconds left. My arms were jello, so I concentrated on not loosing at this point and kind of stalled out the remaining time. So I won on points 8-4. Woo! I don’t recall much of the next match, I was too busy panting and shaking from the adrenalin dump.

There were a few more matches, including some guys who did 2. There were a couple of pretty sweet take downs, but everything else was pretty vanilla.

In between classes, Mike and went at it again a few times. My goal was to work the armlock from guard, so I generally let him start out on top. Got it twice, so I must be improving.

Luke taught the fundamentals again tonight. This might become a regular thing for him now. Class was taking the back and the “Mata Leão” choke. Taking the back from mount is dirt simple. If it happens, it’s because the guy on the bottom is desperate or in a hurry. The mata leão choke is your standard rear naked choke.

Standing Rear Naked Choke

We learned two different variations, and drilled it with various amounts of resistance. When it gets sunk it, it gets uncomfortable quick!