Fi Seminar

Fi spent nearly all of the seminar showing us many, many ways to attack someone in the turtled position. While I loved the material, he completely destroyed one of my go to positions. I can never turtle again…everyone else knows 38 ways to beat me.

All of the techniques we learned started with establishing the seat belt grip. We first cut our near knee into them, while rolling back, and establishing back control. If they resist, we step over, roll the other way, establish back control.
Or, we can sprawl and walk out to north/south, then crawl back on them, all while maintaining our grip, and establish back control.

We practiced the ‘chair sit’ back control, as Ryan Hall calls it. They attempt to escape, we maintain our grip, go to a knee pillow like position, sit across our butt (not back!), and reestablish back control.

Then we did a neat series on going from turtle to a crucifix. Get your seat belt grip, then insert your near knee in between their knee and elbow. Flare their arm out, then step over with your other other leg and drag their arm back and triangle it. Then roll over their head and, collar choke, wing choke, or armlock with your legs. If they resist, you end up in a back control like position, where their have one arm behind their back. Collar choke, or rear naked choke.

The last technique we did was a DLR or berimbolo pass. It’s similar to the technique that I looked up to use vs Cheng. Pass both of our arms under their far leg, then sprawl and get a lapel grip. Not a complete sprawl, as you want to keep your near knee in, with your foot on the ground to prevent them from re-guarding. You end up in a leg drag like position.

Over all, a pretty good couple of hours. At the end, both Long and Erik got promoted to purple belt. Well deserved.

Ran on Friday night and Sunday afternoon, about 5 miles each. Felt pretty good both times, no knee issues. Cold water bath afterwards is both a blessing (in the long run), and a curse (in the first 20 seconds). Mudder is 5 weeks out.