Embrace the Suck

I got a big ol’ hug of it last night.

Cheng ran the warm up, and it went on, and on, and on, and on… Tim
commented that I looked like I was dying, which was accurate, because
I felt like it.

Lesson of the day was two different DLR sweeps. The first set up the
second. With DLR hook, a sleeve, and collar, press on their far leg
to stretch them out, then pull and kick your DLR hook to sweep them.
If they stuff your leg and come back in, then you just balloon sweep
them over you. I drilled with Wade at a somewhat relaxed pace.

For rounds, I had Wade, Nik, and Tim, twice each. I did okay, given
the state of my cardio. My defense sucks. I never got to try my
offense, but that would suck too. One thing at a time.