Double, Pass, & Mount

No gi is such a nice change of pace. You wouldn’t think that I’d like it, with it being more favorable to faster and more dynamic guys.

Lesson of the day was a arm drag setup, double leg take down, headstand pass, and into mount. JR and I drilled together. The setup took a couple of tries to get right, with us trying going both left and right before deciding on the correct way to do it. The pass worked best when doing ABC, rather than A. B. C. Gotta make it all one move.

We also added in a choke back up. If they’re being particularly squirmy, you can wrap their head up, feint a mount, and then roll back to guard with a Marcelo style guillotine choke already locked up.

For rounds we did 10 minutes in, 5 out threesomes. I had JR and Daryl. Did really good with Daryl right off the bat. Even-ish with JR most of the night, then tired out with Daryl again.