Crucifix Entries

Another small group for no gi last night.

We were late getting started, so I took charge and led the warm up. Tim taught the lesson of the day, and then we got to rounds. The technique was an entrance into the crucifix. We bait them to go to deep half, and when the do, we drive our knee over, so we’re in almost 3/4 mount. Pop our free knee up and over, and wedge it in between our trapped one and their body. Then immediately shoulder roll and seat belt them. From there, we can raise our hips and straight armlock them, or if they bridge into us and try to escape we shrimp away, figure four their trapped arm, and choke.

For rounds, I had Meli, Tim, and Long, twice each, starting in half guard. Meli and I were pretty relaxed. Tim went as usual, though I did grab a kimura, got him to the star gazer position, he rolled up, I got on his back, and I transitioned to the seat belt. No hooks, and time ran out.