Cool and easy.

Cooler tonight, thankfully.

Apparently Damian had something come up, because Tim taught class. Same choke/armlock/kimura as last night. Just with more intensity this time around.

Warm ups were strange tonight too. Quintin led them, which I don’t think he’s ever done before. Less stretching and more thrusts, escrimas and wrestling shots. My double leg take down shot is pathetic and really, REALLY needs work. I’d hesitate to even say I know how to do it properly. Alex tried to explain it to me while warming up, but I kept mixing up which leg is supposed to be doing what and when. Something I should lookup and learn.

I didn’t stick around to roll or for fundamentals. My back was a little tender.

I did watch a few fights from UFC 101 afterward. I always enjoyed watching the grappling portions of the fights, but now I can really appreciate it a lot more. And it’s kind of cool to be able to recognize the techniques and realize that “Hey, I can do that too!”