Back on Track

I still can’t put a finger on why I was so unhappy with class the other night. But I tried to take it in stride, moods like that are going to happen.

Wednesday night I watched the mount and side control escape chapters from Roy Dean’s BJJ Blue Belt Requirements. BTW, awesome instructional video. I’m only half way through Disc 1 and I’m loving it already. I did notice a couple of small differences between what he’s demonstrating and what I’m doing…might be the improvement I’m looking for.

Tim was taking requests for subject matter for the class tonight. I threw out there escaping the back. I’ve found it odd that there’s no fundamentals class on it! He decided to run a 50/50 class. 6 different starting positions, 3 minutes top, 3 minutes bottom, and 50% resistance/effort. So we did closed guard, open guard, half guard, side control, mount and knees.. I paired up with Ethan, whom I’ve rolled with before, but haven’t seen in a while. He’s a zero stripe white belt. About my size too.

It didn’t take long before everyone was hot and panting. I did pretty good I think when I was on top position in all of rounds. I passed alot, submitted a few times, and only got swept a couple. On bottom I wasn’t as good. I did get two submissions from the bottom, and lasted the whole 3 minutes under his mount with out getting submitted…but again without escaping either. My side control escape were working well too. Maybe watching the videos and mentally working on them helped.

Completed W4D2b of the 100 Pushups. Also did W4D3b of them this morning too, but ran out of gas about half way through. Finished sets 3-5 on my knees. In other news, my neck/upper back is about 90%, and I’m stoked about the Dave Camarillo seminar tomorrow. Should be some good stuff.