Back on the mat

Well, last night was my “triumphant return” to jiu jitsu. I’ve been feeling very good the last few weeks, and have been handling Crossfit fine, so I felt it was time to ease back into things.

Everyone was happy to see me suited up and ready to go. The lesson last night was a dissection of George St-Pierre’s failed kimura at UFC 111 against Dan Hardy. He had it secured, but was unable to finish him, and ended up releasing it.


As usual, we started with the vanilla kimura from side control, and built it up from there, adding in variations, a wrist-lock backup, and a flashy finish option.

GSP’s main mistake was that he didn’t keep Hardy’s arm bent enough. That’s where the pressure on the shoulder comes from. An option we drilled was to pull his arm into our chests, and then use our chins to hold down the elbow and use our entire body in a crunch to keep it bent.

It was a great class to come back to. Active enough to get a good sweat going, but nothing too stressful. No rolling afterward yet, but eventually.

Watched UFC 111 this weekend with the gang. A solid card of good fights. I’m looking forward to Carwin vs Lesnar.