Well, escaping the back. And I’m back. See what I did there? It sucks being sick. Not so sick that I need to lay in bed. But sick enough that going to class would be a bad idea.

We warmed up with the Circle of Death, then Tim dove right into the lesson of the day. Escaping the back to deep half, into a sweep and pass. I drilled with Danny. We’ve done this escape/sweep combo before, but the pass had an interesting detail. When you come up from the sweep, one arm is usually underhooked, leaving you vulnerable to a kimura. If we plant our heads on their opposite shoulder, they wont be able to reach over for the kimura grip, and we can pass in peace.

I had time for two quick rounds, one with Phillip and one with Tim. Did okay with Phillip, even almost getting off the escape/sweep of the day…until I got kimura’d during the pass. Tim was trying new things, so I got my dose of Vitamin Chim for the week.