Another ass kicker of a conditioning class!  Oy.  All similar stuff.  Same panting and near-death experience, but I made it.  We finished it out with by being in a circle.  We’d do push ups together.  One guy would count off 5, then the next guy would, ect, until the circle was done.  So like 40 or 50 pushups.  Then situps.  Then leg scissors.

No lesson today, just 3 minute alternating rounds of light sparing.  Escape from mount, maintain mount.  Escape side control, maintain side control.  I was paired up with Ed, and we were both exhausted, so we took it easy and went light on each other.  Except he weighs 230.  Nothing light about having him put his weight on you.

Extended my membership to 6 months.  I think I’m crazy.