Things started off normally tonight. A slightly larger that usual crowd, 14 or so. Luke warmed us up. Strangely enough, I like this part of the class. Even if I’m a bit stiff or have an ache, afterward I’m ready to go. Must be that twinge of adrenaline that takes the edge off your aches and pains. I was kicking myself because I forgot a t-shirt, and ended up wearing my long sleeved one.

And aches and pains were just the beginning! Usually we’d dive right into the lesson of the night. But Damian put us through a 30 minute conditioning run that had all of us sweating, panting, and groaning.  Back and forth on the mat on all of the following: bear crawl (x2), frog hop, front roll, back roll, break fall, wheelbarrow walk (me and Ed), wheelbarrow/pushup, fireman’s carry (I got to do push ups instead), hanging guard sit ups (regular ones for me), and then double leg shoots. I was happy to make it through. I didn’t like being singled out and not doing the same routine as everyone else. Though honestly, I don’t think I could have.  :/

Really hating the long sleeved shirt now, drenched in sweat!

For the lesson, we worked a pass from butterfly guard. Kind of a variation on the stack pass, so the guy on the bottom really gets squished, twisted, and generally uncomfortable. Ed’s not a small guy either! Afterward, I guzzled my gatorade, and just took 5 minutes to relax. Rolled for position with Ed some, he complimented me on my progress. Did some of the same with Tim, but didn’t get anywhere with him. Tom, the new guy, and I did too, I think I  got 3 out of 5 vs him.

The fundamentals class was just 5 of us, running through Side Control 101. I got paired up with Tom, switching in and out vs Luke. I did good, getting smoother, though my simple sweep needs work.